Orange Veins Cup Liverpool FC U15

Orange Veins Cup Liverpool FC U15

On the 10th and the 11th of August your team can participate at the Orange Veins Cup Liverpool FC 2023 edition. This tournament is organized by Orange Veins and Liverpool FC.

Matches will be held on Deysbrook Lane, Melwood Drive, Liverpool. All matches will be played on natural grass fields.

In total 8 elite teams will take part, including Liverpool FC U15. Teams can only participate with players born after 01-09-2008. Every team will play at least 5 matches against high level opponents.

Interested to participate? Would your team be able to compete against English top level team? Scroll down.

General information

Date: 10 & 11 August 2023
Gender: Male
Age Group: U15 (UK Age group: born after 01-09-2008) 
Location: Liverpool – United Kingdom (Liverpool FC Academy)

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Orange Veins Cup Liverpool FC U15

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