U11 Jan Bouman Tournament

U11 Jan Bouman Tournament

Jan Bouman is the well-known former footballer of Sparta and Willem II, among others, with more than 100 goals in professional soccer. Jan Bouman started however at Fortuna Vlaardingen and anno 2019 still active at Sc Victoria’04.

With the Jan Bouman tournament the club honors our hero. BVO’s like Sparta Rotterdam, Fc Twente, Fc Utrecht, Fc Emmen and many other teams have competed together with big amateur clubs on the fields of Sc Victoria’04 during the Jan Bouman Tournament.

The tournament takes place during the 2nd weekend of the cup round of the amateurs, usually in September.

General information

Date: T.B.C.
Gender: Male
Age Group: U11 (2013)
Location: Vlaardingen – The Netherlands

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U11 Jan Bouman Tournament 2023

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