Schoonhoven Sports U11 & U14 United Kingdom Tour 24 – 26 February 2023

Schoonhoven Sports U11 & U14

United Kingdom Tour

24 – 26 February 2023

Schoonhoven Sports U11 & U14 United Kingdom Tour

Schoonhoven Sports traveled from the Netherlands to London to create a great and unforgettable experience for their players. In London they played against big teams like Arsenal FC, Fulham FC and West Ham United FC.

Where after an exciting and evenly matched match, both the U11 and U14 boys lost in the closing stages to their Arsenal FC peers (7-4 loss U11, 12-6 loss U14). Were the players put on edge by their coaches to achieve a better result in their 2nd match against Fulham FC.

After enjoying a real sports breakfast the players and their fans (the parents and caregivers who came along) left in good spirits to the training complex of Fulham FC to get ready for the match against ‘The Cottagers’. After two great matches, the U11 talents ended their match victoriously with a final score of no less than 4-6! In contrast, the U14 team had a slightly tougher time. Where Fulham FC had some great (national) talents lined up, the talents of Schoonhoven Sports unfortunately could not make a fist against the team of Fulham FC (6-0 loss). After the fun and educational games against Fulham FC, the players and parents got a well-deserved evening off to explore the beautiful city of London a bit (with the trainer’s request to be in bed on time, because tomorrow a final showdown awaited).

After spending the last night in London, everyone slowly woke up again and one by one the players trickled into the hotel breakfast room. After breakfast, the players checked out and left for West Ham United FC’s training complex to play against their English peers. While the talents of the U11 stepped off the field with another (narrow) victory (4-5 win), the U14 also had to lose against their West Ham peers (3-0 loss).

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Arrival Flight
Check-in at Ibis London Stratford
Lunch out of hotel
Transfer to match venue
Match 1: Arsenal FC – Schoonhoven Sports
Transfer to hotel
Transfer to hotel
Dinner out of the hotel
Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to match venue
Match 2: Fulham FC – Schoonhoven Sports
Transfer to hotel
Dinner out of the hotel
Breakfast at hotel
Check-out at Ibis London Stratford
Transfer to match venue
Match 3: West Ham United – Schoonhoven Sports
Transfer to airport
Going home


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